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Does Zipforce fit my bike?

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Racing bike

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Studded tyres

Studded tyres

Zipforce is suitable for everyone. Perhaps you fit one of the following descriptions?

The active

With extra engine power, active travelers can explore longer distances, climb steep hills and enjoy long bike rides with ease. Turn the assistance off or on when you please.

The commuter

Zipforce makes commuting to work more comfortable, convenient and environmentally friendly. Maybe you usually cycle to work but want to avoid getting too sweaty when you arrive. Or you may prefer to avoid the congestion of public transport.

The conscious

You may already have a favorite bike but want to start riding electrically. Instead of buying a brand new e-bike, Zipforce can turn your existing bike (or a second-hand bike) into an excellent e-bike.

The family

Zipforce can be easily moved between different bikes, as long as there is a bracket mounted on the bike. It’s a smart way to allow more family members to ride electric bikes without having to buy more electric bikes.

The smart one

Thefts of e-bikes are common, especially in larger cities where their value makes them attractive targets. Leaving your e-bike in some places can be nerve-wracking. With Zipforce, you don’t have to worry anymore – after your ride, you just take the engine off and carry it with you. This way, you reduce the risk of losing your e-bike and only risk losing your regular bike.

The motorhome/caravan owner

Perhaps you want to avoid transporting heavy and expensive electric bikes on the bike rack. Instead, you can bring your existing bike and a Zipforce. The engine also makes it easier to cycle longer distances and explore new areas on two wheels.

The elderly

Zipforce gives senior people an extra push when they need it, making it easier to explore your surroundings and stay active.

Zipforce is mounted on the front or back wheel with the help of our unique mount. The mount is designed to fit as many bicycles as possible.

Front-wheel mounting is more common, as the parcel shelf and mudguard are often in the way of a rear-wheel mounting. If you are mounting on the rear wheel, it is important to switch to “Reverse Mode” in the Zipforce app.

See the Zipforce Slim manual here.
See the Zipforce Distance manual here.

If you need help, you can contact our support:

Modell Zipforce Distance
Motor nominal output power: 250 W
Battery voltage: 22.2 V
Battery: 16 Ah/350 Wh
Charging time: 4 hours (4A charger)
Estimated range max/min: 70/30 km (43/18 miles)
Maximum speed with assistance: 25 km/h
Weight motor and battery: 2.9 kg
Weight bracket and pedal sensor: 0.3 kg
Weight charger: 0.4 kg
Engine dimensions: 275x140x85 mm
PAS connection: Wireless

Modell Zipforce Slim
Motor nominal output power: 250 W
Battery voltage: 22.2 V
Battery: 9.6 Ah/211 Wh
Charging time: 2.5 hours (4 A charger)
Estimated range max/min: 40/20 km (24/12 miles)
Maximum speed with assistance: 25 km/h
Weight motor and battery: 2 kg
Weight bracket and pedal sensor: 0.3 kg
Weight charger: 0.4 kg
Engine dimensions: 275x107x80 mm
PAS connection: Wireless

Modell Zipforce ONE
Motor nominal output power: 250 W
Battery voltage: 22.2 V
Battery: 14.5 Ah / 313.2 Wh
Charging time: 4 hours (4A charger)
Estimated range max/min: 60km/30km (38/19 miles)
Maximum speed with assistance: 25 km/h
Weight of motor and battery: 2.7 kg
Weight bracket and pedal sensor: 0.4 kg
Weight charger: 0.4 kg
Engine dimensions: 270x140x85 mm
PAS connection: Wired

Zipforce is compatible with all bikes without studded tires. For best performance, tires should be relatively smooth and designed for road cycling, but even rougher tires will work as long as the tread pattern is relatively even where the engine’s drive roller is in contact with the tire. This is to ensure that the pressure is even.

Are you feeling unsure? Send a picture of your bike to and we’ll help you decide!

Suitable tire patterns for Zipforce

When you pedal, a pedal sensor senses your pedaling frequency and the motor starts – the rubber wheel that rests against the bike’s tires spins and propels the bike forward.

If you do a lot of pedaling yourself, the battery can last up to 70 km when using Zipforce Distance. With full assistance during normal cycling, the battery lasts for about 35 km.

The battery in Zipforce Slim is smaller and has a shorter range. If you pedal alone, the battery can last up to 40 km and with full assistance during normal cycling, the battery lasts for 20 km.

All Zipforce motors are equipped with regenerative braking, which provides light engine braking while charging the battery. The function can be turned on/off in the app. Activation of the engine brake is done with a back pedal like a foot brake and holds the pedals in that position.

Electric bicycles are legally limited to 25 km/h, and this also applies to Zipforce. At higher speeds, the engine stops running, but you can still, with your own power, get the bike up to higher speeds of course.

Zipforce is a portable electric motor that you mount on the front or back wheel of your regular bike to convert it into an electric bike. When cycling, simply click on the Zipforce supporting motor in the including mount. With additional mounts, you can also move your Zipforce between different bikes.

If your Zipforce product breaks down, contact our Customer Support who will work with you to make an initial assessment of whether your device should be repaired or replaced. We will then email you a return shipping label and ask you to send the product back to us. If your product is under warranty, we will fix it, but if the product cannot be repaired, we will send a replacement product. If the product’s warranty has expired, you can send your product to us and we will get back to you with an estimate.

We manufacture Zipforce in south of Sweden and therefore usually have spare parts in stock close by. Contact our Customer Support and we will help you.

Most bicycle basket suits well with Zipforce.

We sell a bracket that makes the bicycle basket come up higher if your bicycle basket is too close to the tire.

Zipforce contains advanced components, such as circuit boards and batteries, which must be handled responsibly.

When you return a Zipforce to us, we ensure that the working components are reused while the other parts are recycled. Using these components creates new, fully functional Zipforce devices that we call Refurbished. Each unit undergoes a rigorous quality and functional check to ensure the same standard as new units, and is offered at a reduced price on occasions. Our ambition is to maximize the reuse of components to reduce our environmental impact.

A discharged battery takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge with the included charger for the models One and Distance. Zipforce Slim’s battery takes about 2,5 hours to fully charge.

Be aware to only use Zipforce original charger 4A 25.2V to charge your Zipforce, or another charger supplied by Zipforce AB intended for this product. The charger is connected to the Zipforce before it is connected to the wall outlet.

The charger is equipped with an LED that lights green when the battery is fully charged and red when charging. The red charging light on the charger lights up when it is connected to the wall outlet.

Carrying out a full charge of the battery takes about 4 hours, provided that the battery is completely discharged. It is normal for the charger to get warm. Never place anything on or near the charger or Zipforce, so that the heat cannot be vented away. Do not charge near flammable materials. After charging is complete, the charger must be disconnected. Avoid leaving charging unattended. Do not charge in freezing temperatures or high temperatures.

Contact Zipforce if you suspect damage to the battery or if the device has been exposed to external influences.

With the current Zipforce Slim and Distance models, the noise level has been significantly reduced thanks to a new improved chassis and a updated engine.

The sound you experience when using your Zipforce is primarily dependent on the type of tire you have on your bike – a smoother tire tread results in a lower tire noise. Tire noise is also affected by the age of the tire, so a newer tire with a soft rubber will produce a lower noise compared to older harder tires. Finally, sound can also vary with weather conditions.

The motor’s assistance level, i.e. how much help you want, is easily set with a knob on the device or via the Zipforce mobile app.

Zipforce is water resistant and can withstand rain well. Zipforce has undergone extensive tests and is CE marked according to the electric bicycle directive 2017 which applies within the EU. This means that Zipforce meets the same water endurance requirements as all electric bikes.

Your Zipforce comes with a two-year warranty and a 30-day return policy.

Zipforce is a portable electric motor that you attach to your regular bike to convert it into an electric bike. When you’re ready to ride, simply click the Zipforce into the mounted bracket. The extra bracket also allows you to move your Zipforce between different bikes.

We are located at Dalagatan 76 in Stockholm, Sweden. You are welcome to test Zipforce – please send us an email to our Customer Support and we will make an appointment.

We use Li-ion cells and the battery can handle 1000 full charge cycles from 0-100% with continued good performance. If you need to change the battery, contact our Customer Support and we will help you.

At Zipforce, we aim to make bike commuting more accessible to more people. We hope to help motivate more individuals to leave their cars behind and choose their bikes whenever possible. By choosing one of our electric motors, cycling can become more accessible to more people.

Replacing cars with bicycles can significantly reduce emissions. A petrol-powered car emits around 271g of CO2e per passenger kilometre, while our engines are much more environmentally friendly in comparison. Zipforce Slim and Distance emit 6.5 and 7.09 grams of CO2e per kilometer respectively.

The Zipforce Slim has a CO2e footprint of 29.3kg and the Zipforce Distance has a CO2e footprint of 40.3kg. This refers to the emissions during the manufacture of the units.

Zipforce also has a high recycling rate of 80-90 percent.

The app is downloaded via Google Play or the App Store. With the app, you can make settings for your Zipforce and see information about your Zipforce and cycling. You can view speed, distance, cadence and statistics, among other things.


1. After downloading the app, turn on your Zipforce and wait until the light comes on.

2. When the light is on, open the app, press scan, then click on the number of your Zipforce device identity (Zipforce_xxxx).

3. Enter the default code “1234”. You can change your code on “Set pin”

4. You can also set the speed to eg. 14km/h, if you don’t want to bike so fast.

5. To reset the password to the unit, set the knob to minimum power in “off mode”, then turn on the unit and immediately pull the knob to maximum power and the back to minimum. It should then start flashing blue and red from the device, which means your have succeeded.

Zipforce mobile app

Please return your old Zipforce to us. We make sure to retain all working components and recycle the remaining components properly.

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