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We at Zipforce are proud and happy to have been so well received by the press and media. We have been mentioned in several newspapers in Sweden but also worldwide. Below we collect links to these as well as our own news.

Report by DI:

“When Måns Bengtsson had a longer commute to work, the idea of a portable electric motor for an ordinary bicycle was born.”

“Four years later, Zipforce went on sale in Sweden.”

“The numbers get pretty big pretty quickly.”

Test of

The Swedish-made Zipforce is a dazzling example of a smart solution for those who already have a bike they enjoy, but who occasionally want to enjoy an assisting electric motor.

The smooth motor is easy to detach for carrying and charging as well as to reset the bike for manual operation.

Test by All about Electric Bikes:

It converts an ordinary bicycle into an e-bike. It seems easy to assemble. And our test run shows that Zipforce largely lives up to expectations.”

Cycling Plus:

Swedish Zipforce is launching an innovation in the cycling industry, an electric motor combined with a portable battery that weighs only 2 kg in total.”

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