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The electric motor for all bikes

Zipforce is a portable electric motor that turns any bike into an electric bike, in just 15 minutes. Efficient, smart and fast.

Zipforce turns your regular bike into an electric bike

Zipforce is perfect for you who want to ride an electric bike but don’t want to buy an electric bike. The Zipforce electric motor mounts on the front or rear wheel of your regular bike and makes you the proud owner of an electric bike. When you want to ride an electric bike, simply click the Zipforce rechargeable assist motor into the mounted bracket and you’re ready to hit the road with great motor assistance. With extra mounts, you can also move your Zipforce between different bikes. A clear affordable alternative to a purely electric bicycle. 

Give your bike eBike possibilities

Mount Zipforce on the front or back of your regular bike to turn it into an electric bike. Easy!

Portable electric motor

Remove and carry Zipforce with you when you park your bike, so you minimize the risk of theft. Smart!

Developed and made in Sweden

Swedish engineer art combined with high-quality production. Reliable! 

Zipforce Slim

€ 599
€ 509*

Zipforce Slim is a new generation of e-bike kits to convert your bike into an e-bike. It’s lightweight, quiet and with a fully charged battery it will last up to about 40 km.

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Zipforce Distance

€ 699
€ 594*

Zipforce Distance is a new generation of e-bike kits to convert your bike into an e-bike. It is quiet and with a fully charged battery it lasts up to about 70 km.

*Right now 15% discount with code BACKTOWORK23

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Zipforce Slim &
Zipforce Distance

Zipforce has launched two new qualified electric motors. With a new quieter engine, the noise level is much lower. In addition, installation is significantly faster now that pedal sensor installation has been reduced to simply clipping a wireless sensor onto the pedal arm

Long range

With a fully charged Zipforce you can drive up to 70 km on a charge, your driving style affects how far you go. Every time you brake, the electric motor is recharged. In the app, you have full control over charging and your settings. You can charge your Zipforce in a regular electrical outlet, you reach full charge after about 4 hours.


Bring Zipforce every time you park your bike. With a simple click, you detach the Zipforce from the bike mount and thus avoid the risk of theft because you never leave the electric motor on the bike. Zipforce Slim weighs only 2 kg.


Zipforce fits most bikes and is easily mounted using the associated bike mount. You can place the bracket at the front or rear wheel depending on what suits you and your bike best. When you want to ride without an electric motor, you simply leave the Zipforce at home or in your bag and get the same cycling experience you always had on your bike.

Give Zipforce a try!

Zipforce is expanding into different markets and therefore we're offering trial rides in multiple cities.
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