Zipforce was presented at the Electromobility day in Hagen, Germany

***Scroll down to see photos of the event***

Zipforce team attended ‘Tag der Elektromobilität’ (Electromobility day) in the city of Hagen, Germany last Saturday, August 27. Working on different projects to promote sustainable mobility in Hagen, the city organized an ‘Electromobility Day’ event’, wherein different private players and companies were invited to present their innovative producuts for micro mobility. Zipforce was one of the few foreign products presented at the event. The invitation came already in June, when the event organizers contacted Zipforce to invite the company to present its products at the event. The main goal for the event has been to improve the quality of life for citizens of Hagen by promoting and implementing ‘Sustainable mobility ‘solutions. City of Hagen tries to ease the use of E-mobility on 2 wheels vehicles for the citizens.

Zipforce crew traveled down to Hagen to be a part of the event. “The event was a great success. So many people came by the tent and wanted to try out the motor on the bike. Most people didn’t even know that such an option exists, that we can turn your favorite bike into an eBike with a light-weighted portable motor” – says one of the team members who were on the event. The team’s German skills were also put to the test.

”The visitors loved the Zipforce motor. And since people could do the trial rides and see the product, they do have more trust for the product. From the city’s perspective, it was a great platform to bring in innovative startups and show people the sustainable mobility options and possibilities they do have now. We’re thankful that you travelled all the way from Sweden to make our event more fun” says Shiva Yeesakonu, Transport Planner, City of Hagen.”

Zipforce has recently opened the doors to other European markets and have received diverse attention from the German market, including different media, journalists, and bike testers. Participating in this event was the first in-person local event in Germany for Zipforce and we are excited for what’s coming next.