The future of eBike kit is here. Zipforce launches new generation of portable electric motors for bicycles

Electric bike market is booming and it gets even more exciting with Zipforce releasing two new products – Zipforce Slim and Zipforce Distance. The new rechargeable electric motors are improved from several aspects compared to previous models – It’s quieter, weigh less, has a wireless pedal sensor and the installation is much easier.

Zipforce manufactures easy-to-assemble electric motors that turn any bicycle into an electric bicycle. Now the “electric motor for all bikes” is releasing two new upgraded products. Zipforce founder Måns Bengtsson says:

We are very excited to introduce these products to market. These are two very qualified e-Bike kits that Zipforce is launching. We have identified the challenges our customers have had with Zipforce before. The sound level and installation has been two main challenges that we have improved in our new products. We have also improved the weight and flexibility of the products.

What distinguishes Slim and Distance from the previous model ‘ONE’?
The biggest improvement is the sound level which is much lower. Zipforce has developed a new quieter engine for both Slim and Distance. In addition, the installation is much faster now that the torque with the pedal sensor has been reduced to only putting a wireless sensor on the pedal arm.

What is the difference between Slim and Distance?
Slim is perfect for those who commute or cycle in the urban environment. It weighs only two kilos, which is lighter than our previous model ONE, and probably the most quiet eBike kit on the market. The Distance model has a larger battery, which is good for those who want to cycle longer distances without having to worry about the battery running out.

The goal is for more people to have the opportunity to transform their existing bicycle into an e-bike, quickly and easily. We see that our customers also value the environmental aspect; that they do not have to buy a completely new electric bike that will be manufactured and shipped across the globe. All Zipforce electric motors are manufactured in Småland. Sweden, which is an important aspect in our sustainable and environmental-friendly philosophy. says Måns Bengtsson.

Who are the regular buyers or users of Zipforce rechargeable electric motors?
Zipforce is a unique product that appeals to people who value being able to put their electric bike where they want without worrying about theft or vandalism, which is possible because you can easily disconnect the electric motor and carry it with you. Many people also appreciate the flexibility of sharing the electric motor between their bikes at home, on the countryside or within the family.

The new electric bike kits Zipforce Slim and Zipforce Distance launch on 13 June 2022 in Sweden and later during the summer with open for other European countries.