Zipforce is ready for EU expansion

Zipforce is expanding to other European markets while the newly launched products get international attention. The announcement is part of Zipforce’s growth strategy to revolutionise the e-bike industry and make it more sustainable and accessible for everyone.

Zipforce is taking the eBike industry by storm after launching two cutting-edge products, Zipforce Slim and Zipforce Distance.

To accelerate its ambitious international expansion plans, Zipforce has identified several potentially high-growth markets and will support the growth with a key hire for the role of Head of Growth and Marketing.

“This is a perfect next step as we are rapidly expanding. Niloofar is our new Head of Growth and Marketing. With over 10 years experience in Digital and Growth Marketing, and working with international companies, she will play a key role in our strategic growth globally.” Says Måns Bengtsson, CEO and founder of Zipforce.

Earlier this spring, Zipforce launched an English version of its site and online shop. The goal was to examine the interest for the products outside Sweden. Now only after a few months over half of the website visits are made outside of Sweden.

“A few weeks after the launch of our products we have sold almost as many units outside Sweden as in Sweden.
We are going to prioritize some markets in the beginning. Germany for instance, is one of the key focus areas as our products have received enormous attention in the German market.” Says Niloofar Niknam.

Zipforce is a Stockholm-based startup that has developed a pioneering eBike kit to turn any bicycle into an electric one. The first generation of Zipforce was commercially released in 2020 and this summer a new generation of the products came to market. The two products have a new and quieter motor, and the installation of the kit is easier with a wireless pedal sensor. Zipforce Slim weighs only 2kgs, making it one of the lightest kits available on the market. Earlier last month, Zipforce announced its appointment and participation in the EIT Urban Mobility program, an EU initiative with a focus on more sustainable and green micro mobility solutions. The company wishes to get some extra help from the EU program to expand products into the European markets.