Zipforce inspires a healthy lifestyle by promoting cycling. The fast-mounted electric motor gives cyclists all over the world the flexibility to choose when to have motor assistance and when to disconnect the motor to get some exercise on the regular bike.










Our vision for sustainability

We develop existing resources in a smart and efficient way when existing bikes become electric bikes. Our product is small and cleverly packaged and is therefore simple and easy to transport worldwide. In this way, we help to limit the use of new resources and help reduce the need for transport.


Like inventing the wheel, with the environment in focus

Cycling hand in hand with the environment

With Zipforce you can use what you already own, a bike, to create an electric bike. It reduces transportation costs and traffic emissions because Zipforce is significantly smaller than an electric bike. Reusing and upgrading an existing bike helps save materials that would otherwise be needed to make a new electric bike. In addition, the packaging of Zipforce is smart and small, which means that it is light and easy to transport all over the world compared to a large electric bike.

Sustainability in euros and cents

The price for a Zipforce is significantly lower than for a new electric bike. Most people already have a bicycle at home, so it is economical to reuse what already exists. Another advantage is that it is easy to share Zipforce between several bikes, by buying a couple of extra mounts. At the same time, it entails a lower insurance cost and limited risk of theft, as Zipforce is easy to remove from the bike to carry with you.

Sustainability as a lifestyle

Zipforce inspires a healthy lifestyle by promoting cycling. It also gives the user flexibility and options, as it can be used when, for example, you want motor assistance for work and disconnected when you want to exercise on the way home. Zipforce is safe and shuts off when the cyclist stops pedalling. In addition, it is easy to set the speed and how much motor assistance is desired.