Zipforce Slim & Distance is here

Zipforce has recently launched two new exciting products: Zipforce Slim and Zipforce Distance. They are quieter and much easier to install thanks to the wireless pedal sensor. Zipforce Slim only weighs two kilos.


Take it easy and speed up

Electric cycling doesn’t have to be expensive. Zipforce affordable electric motors attach to the front or rear wheel of your regular bike and give you speed assistance of up to 25 km/h. Perfect for those who want to cycle to and from work without breaking a sweat or just want extra engine assistance on the bike ride.

All Zipforce products come with an App, built-in lighting and a USB socket that enables charging of external devices such as your mobile phone.

Zipforce Slim

€ 599
€ 509*

Zipforce Slim is a new generation of E-bike kit to convert your bike into an electric bike. It is light, quiet and with a fully charged battery it can travel up to approx. 45 km.

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Zipforce Distance

€ 699
€ 594*

Zipforce Distance is a new generation of Electric Bike kit to convert your bike into an electric bike. It is quiet and with a fully charged battery it can travel up to approx. 70 km.

*Just now 15% discount with code BACKTOWORK23

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Which Zipforce is right for you?


Zipforce Slim

Zipforce Distance

Range min/ max

20/40 km

30/70 km

Maximum speed

25 km/h

25 km/h

Motor and battery weight

2 kg

2.9 kg

Charging time

2,5 hours (4 A charger)

4 hours (4 A charger)

Engine dimensions

275x107x80 mm

270x140x85 mm

PAS connection



A smarter alternative

By converting your existing bicycle to an electric bicycle, you contribute to a smaller climate impact, for a third of the cost than buying a new produced electric bicycle.

Long range

Zipforce can be driven up to 70 km on a charge, your driving style affects the range. The electric motor recharges when you brake.

Small, flexible and portable

You put on and take off the Zipforce electric motor with a simple click, and therefore reduce the risk of theft.

Easy to install

You can easily install the mount on your bike, insert your Zipforce with one click and then you are ready to enjoy your electric bike.

Switch between super power and muscle power

You get super powers up to 25 km/h and can cycle long distances without breaking a sweat. Click out of Zipforce when you want to use muscle power.

Several bikes, same engine

Use the same electric motor for several bikes. Buy additional mounts for your other bikes and they are also ready for extra speed assistance.


The battery at Zipforce is rechargeable of the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) type, which provides high energy and power density in relation to weight and adds only a little extra weight to the bike. Zipforce Slim weighs only 2 kg. The battery is recharged every time you brake.

Mount the included bracket to the front or rear wheel depending on what suits you and your bike best. You can also use the same Zipforce electric motor for several bikes. Just buy extra mounts for your other bikes and they’re also ready for a little extra speed boost.

The motor of the Zipforce is a 3-phase permanent magnet motor, which is an environmentally friendly option as it is powered by electricity and gives you the option of using your existing bike instead of buying a brand new electric bike. Zipforce itself is climate smart with a recycling rate of 80-90%.

Zipforce has undergone extensive testing and is water resistant and CE marked according to the electric bicycle directive 2017 which applies within the EU. This means that Zipforce meets the same tightness requirements as all electric bicycles.

With the Zipforce app, you can control the settings of your Zipforce ONE motor and see how your journey is going while you are cycling. You can make settings and see current statistics, for example how far you have cycled and your battery life. The app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. You don’t need to use the app in order to use Zipforce.


How to install Zipforce

Read the manual or watch our step-by-step video on how to install the Zipforce on your bike.

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